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1968 Datsun Roadster

Owned by Jim Kearney. Frequently raced.

  1. Car was delivered to Fort Pitt Classic Cars with fenders and chrome removed.
  2. Engine and transmission was removed. A new clutch was installed. The body and engine compartment was media blasted.
  3. U-Pol protectorate was applied to the engine compartment and front of the car, then the front section was primed and painted.
  4. The engine and transmission was reinstalled.
  5. Dents and imperfections were removed from the body and the body refined.
  6. A paint primer was applied to the car, then a ‘guide’ coat was applied and the body ‘wet sanded’ to provide a smooth and ‘level’ surface for the final paint.
  7. The motor and transmission was reinstalled and made operational.
  8. Following, the final paint will be applied and ‘wet sanded’, then the body polished.



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