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Love working on a variety of classic cars? Join our team and explore your passion.
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1966 Chevrolet Corvette 427

4 Speed, 427, Convertible

This Corvette Convertible is a nice driver quality car and in good condition. It was built in April 1966 and optioned with the 427 big block motor and 4 speed manual trans. Although it no longer has the numbers matching 427, it was replaced with a 454 from a 73-74 Corvette. 

This Corvette was repainted at some point, but retains it’s original shade of Ermine White. The body is clean and straight with no signs of cracking. The white vinyl top is in good condition as well. Big block power can be designated by the 427 badge on the fender and the 1966 only big block hood.

The inside retains it’s original blue vinyl. Carpets and seats are in good shape. Everything is functional and there are hardly any squeaks or rattles. Gauges are clear and easy to read.

This Corvette was optioned with no power brakes and no power steering. The engine runs very [...]

This resto-mod ‘67 Pontiac GTO runs and drives like a modern muscle car, but with all the style of the original. It has undergone a recent frame-off restoration. No expense was spared in restoring this goat, it’s clean and well sorted. It’s a real 242 code GTO too.

The 1967 GTO is “Coke Bottle” styling in it’s purest form. Painted in its original color Gulf Turquoise Poly, it looks stunning in sunlight. The paint on this car is immaculate, even down to the black primer undercarriage and engine bay. The wheels are aftermarket 17 inch rims meant to replicate the original style 5 spoke rally wheels. Most of the chrome trim is brand new as well.

The turquoise interior matches the exterior and is just as clean as the rest of the car. This car is equipped with the Hurst Performance dual gate shifter, so you can choose to drive in automatic, or shift [...]

Compared to the other GM F-Body, the 1967 Firebird was meant to be a sportier alternative to the Chevrolet Camaro. It featured a sleeker looking front end and GTO inspired tail-lights. This 1967 Firebird is a true survivor with it’s original Pontiac 326 V8 and 3 speed manual transmission. It’s beautifully simple with manual brakes and steering. Unlike many Pontiac’s from this era, this car stays true to it’s original form, it’s previous owners refusing the temptation to turn it into a clone.

The outside of the car has been refreshed with modern paint and looks stunning in Maroon. There are hardly any defects in the body and paint, the closer you look, the better it appears to be. This Firebird is rust free and has a clean, black primer undercarriage and engine bay.

The interior is all original as well and is in impeccable condition. The seats are buckets with black vinyl. The previous [...]

Maintenance & Upgrades

From the routine to the extreme.
WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? Things happen.  And in the world of classic cars, sometimes they happen while the car is not even being used.  It's OK, we've all been there.  Fortunately, the team at FPCC is standing by to help you perform routine maintenance like a state inspection, or to solve a problem that just won't seem to go away.  And if nothing is wrong, but you feel the need for a performance boost, we're here for you. One stop shopping ... Only at Fort Pitt Classic Cars Highlights: ASE certified mechanicsExperienced in a wide range of vehiclesBrake service & upgradesEngine tuning & diagnosticsSuspension & alignment servicesElectronics work Our most Common Services Our technicians are fully certified to give Pennsylvania state Inspection and Emissions stickers.Old cars have a habit of developing problems that are difficult to diagnose. Our skilled technicians are experts when it comes to diagnosing and fixing classic, antique, and import vehicles.We love making old cars handle like new sports cars. If you want to increase your car's high speed stability, nimbleness, and overall feel, give us a call.Whether you want your car to be more suited for high speed driving, or you want to make your car safer for you [...]


Don't have room but can't part with your car?
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You see the possibilities, now let our experts make it happen
WHAT CAN WE RESTORE FOR YOU? You bought the car because it stirred a passion inside of you.  In the eyes of another, it might be a little rough around the edges (maybe it's those holes in the floor pan?).  That's OK, because we see it like you do.  Better yet, we have the team and the skills to make your vision come true. Whether you have a muscle car, hot rod, JDM classic, German hot hatch, British roadster, off roader, we've done it all before. Our technicians have a wide range of experience and can restore just about anything. From a minor repair to a full body-off restoration, we would be happy to review your project to see if our shop is the right fit for you.  Your dream awaits ... give us a call. RANGE OF SERVICES Complete ResotrationsMedia blasting facilityFabricationPaint RoomCustomizationsDamage RepairRust RepairInteriors & upholstery A Full Service Restoration Shop Engines, transmissions, suspensions.  You need it done, we're on itFront quarter panel have a run in?  Our body shop will make it look right.Someone said red would be sexy, but only stock factory blue feels right.Solid red?  Not for me.  Two tone, with a matte finish!


Whether you need to find it again or just want to add to your collection, we can help
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For Sale by Owner

Everyone knows selling a classic car is extremely time consuming
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