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1954 Chevrolet 3100




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As we see it, you could take this great 1954 5-window 1/2-ton pick-up in a few directions.  Jump in and enjoy the pure nostalgia of driving one of Chevrolet’s “Advance-Design” series trucks in its nearly original design…OR take it to the next level with an extremely solid foundation to go full-on resto or resto-mod.  Whichever you choose, you’re bound to turn heads all while grinning ear to ear driving this highly sought 3100.

Features Include;

  • 235 CID w/ 4-speed manual
  • Manual steering/brakes
  • Functional cowl opening
  • Vacuum wipers
  • Upgraded tail lights
  • PA registered antique
  • Clean PA title

Interesting Facts
Known by Chevrolet as the “Advance-Design” truck, 1954 was a significant transitional design change period for the Chevy half-ton before ending in 1955.  Not many have survived. The first year, a 1-piece windshield and a new dashboard and steering wheel were used. Due to cost, chrome grilles weren’t a popular option so they’re hard to find.  Ours has it! The 235 cid inline-6 was redesigned to be more stout and reliable.  Ours is mated to the 4-speed manual gearbox on the floor.

Sorry, this one got away. Check back often for new inventory.

Engine: I6
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