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1954 Chevrolet Pick-up


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As we see it, you could take this great 1954 5-window 1/2-ton pick-up in a few directions.  Jump in and enjoy the pure nostalgia of driving one of Chevrolet’s “Advance-Design” series trucks in its nearly original design…OR take it to the next level with an extremely solid foundation to go full-on resto or resto mod.  Whichever you choose, you’re bound to turn heads all while grinning ear to ear driving this highly sought 3100.

Interesting Facts
Known by Chevrolet as the “Advance-Design” truck, 1954 was a significant transitional design change period for the Chevy half-ton before ending in 1955.  Not many have survived. The first year a 1-piece windshield was used plus new dashboard and steering wheel. Due to cost, chrome grille’s weren’t a popular option so they’re hard to find.  Ours has it! The 235 cid inline-6 was redesigned to be more stout and reliable.  Ours is mated to the 4-speed manual gearbox on the floor.

Price: $18,500
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