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1967 Pontiac Firebird


Compared to the other GM F-Body, the 1967 Firebird was meant to be a sportier alternative to the Chevrolet Camaro. It featured a sleeker looking front end and GTO inspired tail-lights. This 1967 Firebird is a true survivor with it’s original Pontiac 326 V8 and 3 speed manual transmission. It’s beautifully simple with manual brakes and steering. Unlike many Pontiac’s from this era, this car stays true to it’s original form, it’s previous owners refusing the temptation to turn it into a clone.

The outside of the car has been refreshed with modern paint and looks stunning in Maroon. There are hardly any defects in the body and paint, the closer you look, the better it appears to be. This Firebird is rust free and has a clean, black primer undercarriage and engine bay.

The interior is all original as well and is in impeccable condition. The seats are buckets with black vinyl. The previous owner has removed the radio and placed it in the trunk, but it can be easily installed. Notice the instrument panel, there is only a speedometer, temp, and fuel gage. The original owner must have been on a budget!

The Pontiac 326 V8 and 2 barrel carb still wears it’s original patina, but with new plugs and wires. Originally rated at 250 hp and 330 ft-lb, it was the mid rage performer of the engine lineup, in between the I6 and the 4bbl carb 326. Steering and brakes are manual, but they work just fine with the firebird weighting less than 3,200 pounds. It sounds good too with a quality Flowmaster exhaust.

If you believe there is beauty in simplicity, you will love this 67 Firebird. This car will be sure to stand out in a sea of flashy, chromed, hot-rods at your local cruise night.

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Engine: V8
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