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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Super Cobra Jet - Project Car

A body and two of almost every part you will need to restore this rare Mustang.

This 1969 Mustang Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Jet was found in a storage container completely disassembled with the original parts along with a second set of genuine Ford N.O.S. Parts. There is two of almost everything needed to build and restore this Mustang. Some of the more notable parts are two 428SCJ engine blocks, two 4 speed transmissions, a complete second set of Ford N.O.S Fenders. Some of the parts here are quite valuable on their own, but the whole lot is being sold as a package deal. 

As you can see by the Marti Report as well as the original build sheet, this Mustang is a real R-Code, Drag Pack car. When this Mustang was ordered, the buyer optioned the Drag Pack. The Drag Pack consisted of the 4.30 traction lock rear differential as well as the 428 SCJ engine with a beefed up bottom end, an external oil cooler, and relocation of the horn to make room for the oil cooler. Other performance options include a close ratio four speed transmission and power disk brakes.  It was also ordered with special paint code Blue Metallic which was not a standard color and is believed to be one of one with this paint. It also came with, black high-back bucket seats, tinted glass, AM radio, racing mirrors, and the Mach 1 trim package. The Mach 1 package consisted of many upgrades like the blacked out hood with hood scoop, Mach 1 stripes, and handling suspension. This Mustang was produced on July 7th 1969 in Dearborn, Michigan and shipped to Casey Meyers Ford in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The body, floors, and trunk are in excellent condition a have only small amount of surface rust. There is one larger dent in the driver’s side rear quarter, but otherwise there are hardly any repairs needed. The fenders are rusted towards the bottom and can either be repaired, or replaced with the second set of new Ford fenders that come with the package. The condition of the parts vary, however, some of the more valuable badges, trim pieces, and parts were kept in their original packaging and look brand new. You will have to see the lot in person to check the condition of individual parts.

The Marti report claims this was one of 906 with this paint and trim code, and one of 3,388 with the 428 SCJ engine and drag pack. There are only a handful of these left out there. This is the perfect opportunity to restore a well documented Drag Pack/Super Cobra Jet Mustang with all of the hard-to-find parts included in the sale. Restored, you could expect to sell for $95,000 – $100,000 not including the spare parts you can sell which are quite valuable on their own.

Please view the attached list of parts as well as photo documentation of the parts.

Body and Trim Parts:

  • 428 badges (2)
  • alternator bracket and tensioner
  • body plugs
  • Body shell
  • bumper brackets
  • cobra jet emblems (2)
  • cowel
  • door handles
  • door hinges
  • driver’s side headlight bucket
  • drivers side fender nos
  • drivers side rear panel
  • reverse lights – nos (2)
  • front and rear bumper
  • front bumper
  • front filler panel – nos
  • glove box
  • grill
  • grill panel upper and lower
  • grill pony
  • headlight bucket trim – nos
  • headlight trim
  • hood
  • hood latch cables – nos (2)
  • hood latch support
  • ignition and keys – original
  • license plate bracket
  • lock kit with keys- nos
  • lower rad mount
  • marker lights
  • new grill emblem
  • new trunk emblems and wording
  • original front fenders (2)
  • passenger side front fender – nos
  • passenger side headlight bucket
  • passenger side rear trim
  • quarter horse emblem 2 ,69 Mach 1
  • read quarter light bezels and hardware
  • Rear bumper
  • rear filler panel
  • stripe – nos
  • tail light panel
  • taillights (2)
  • top gasket set – nos
  • Trim pieces, various – nos
  • trunk lids (2)
  • turn signal lenses (2)
  • Various new emblems – nos
  • window cranks


Mechanical Parts:

  • 4 speed transmission
  • 4 speed transmission #2
  • aftermarket exhaust
  • aftermarket pistons trw 30 over aluminum
  • air cleaner frame
  • air cleaner gasket
  • alternator – new
  • alternator bracket and tensioner
  • bell housing
  • cam – nos
  • cam #2
  • cam gear – nos
  • carb and rebuild kit
  • choke cable
  • Super cobra jet engine block
  • Super cobra jet engine block #2
  • crank
  • crank spacer
  • differential
  • dipstick tube – nos
  • distributor – nos
  • distributor gear
  • drive shaft
  • exhaust – nos
  • fan
  • fan shroud
  • flywheel
  • fork release
  • freeze plug kit
  • fuel pump – new
  • fuel pump and connecting rods
  • harmonic balancer and water pump pulley
  • hi po exhaust manifolds (2)
  • Hurst shifter #2
  • Hurst shifter and boot
  • intake manifold
  • intake manifold #2
  • lifters 2 packs – nos
  • lower rad mount
  • main bearing caps
  • master cylinder
  • motor mounts
  • motor mounts #2
  • oil cooler – nos
  • oil pan
  • oil pump – nos
  • oil pump drive shaft
  • original water bottle
  • pick-up – nos
  • piston rings
  • Pressure plate – nos
  • push rods – nos
  • radiators (2) one new one used
  • rod bearings
  • rods
  • set of heads
  • shift fork
  • starter – nos
  • starter plate
  • strut tower brace
  • strut tower bracket
  • super Cobra Jet air cleaner
  • super cobra jet clutch disk – nos
  • throwout bearing
  • timing chain – nos
  • timing cover
  • trans cross member
  • trans dust shield
  • trw main bearing
  • valve cover #2
  • valve cover #1
  • valves and springs
  • water pump
  • water pump – nos
  • wiring


Sorry, this one got away. Check back often for new inventory.

Engine: V8
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