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1975 Mazda Chantez


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This 1975 Mazda Chantez was imported to the US in 2005 from Japan, where it had served as a parts delivery vehicle for a local repair shop. Designed to meet Japanese Kei car tax and insurance regulations, the Chantez has a curb weight of around 1,080 pounds. It receives power from a 359cc two-stroke parallel twin, which sends power to a solid rear end through a four-speed manual gearbox. Finished in dark green over a brown vinyl cabin, the car features a forward-folding backseat, period stereo, and Hitachi under-dash air conditioning system. The seller has covered around 300 miles since acquiring this example six years ago, driving it locally and attending a few car shows. It is now being offered with the original owner’s manual and a clear Pennsylvania title in the seller’s name.

A Japanese logo remains painted on the passenger-side door from the car’s previous life delivering auto parts, which the seller believes was between 1976 to 2003. Noted cosmetic issues include select areas of orange peel. The hood was recently repainted and some other areas touched up.

The 10″ steel wheels are wrapped in Bridgestone rubber, and the car was recently checked over mechanically. All of the fluids have been changed and the brake system was refreshed.

Trimmed in brown vinyl, the cabin features a fold-down rear seat, period head unit, and the addition of a Clarion cassette player. The Hitachi air-conditioning system works, though it requires recharging yearly. 47k kilometers (~29k miles) are shown on the odometer.

Japanese Kei cars were limited to 359cc until 1975. Mazda’s original intentions for the Chantez was to use a small single-rotor Wankel engine. However, this plan was deemed unfair by the competition and subsequently blocked. Instead, the Chantez utilizes a water-cooled and oil-injected 359cc two-stroke parallel twin, which was rated at around 32 hp and 29 lb-ft of torque when new. The small engine is mated to a four-speed manual gearbox, which sends power to a solid axle rear.

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Engine: I2
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