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1977 Cadillac Coupe Deville


1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

For your consideration is a true survivor ’77 Cadillac Coupe DeVille!  There is a little under 83,000 carefully driven & original miles on the car. This appears to be one of the nicest on the market right now.  Retaining its original paint, upholstery and mechanical drive-line, this Coupe DeVille is in very good and very original condition.  Cruising in this car is a true dream.  Pop in your favorite 8-track cassette and drive off into the sunset.  Below I will cover the condition of the car and its features.


Retaining all of its original paint, it appears that that car has lived an accident free life.  With no signs of rust, corrosion or accidents, or major issues, the paint still looks great for being 43 years old.  The paint is in great condition but there are a few spots where the paint is a little thin.  This comes with the territory of having 43 year old original paint.  It isn’t to the point that anything needs touched up, I just wanted to mention it.  Its not noticeable unless you get with in 2 feet of the area on the hood in mention.  The paint still shines to its beautiful maroon color and the original pin-stripping is in great condition.  Glass, bumpers, lights, lenses, emblems and trim are all in very good condition.  The vinyl roof is in immaculate condition.


All original and in great shape is the best way to describe the inside of the car.  All of the lights, gauges, radio and blower all work.  Power windows, power seats, power locks and power sliding sunroof all work perfectly as they should.  The leather seats are in great shape with no rips, discolorations or issues.  This car is very comfortable!


There is no evidence of any issue, accidents or rust.  The underside of this car is in great condition!


The huge 425 ci engine starts easy, idles nice and has plenty of grunt to move this big Caddy down the road!  It sounds great, runs cool and runs so nicely with tons of power! The transmission shifts smoothly, brakes stop as they should, steering and suspension are all in great shape.  Tires and brakes are in great condition!  All fluids, belts and hoses are fresh and in new condition.  This car is ready to use!  

This car is for sale on consignment by Fort Pitt Classic Cars.  For sale by owner! 

Sorry, this one got away. Check back often for new inventory.

Engine: V8
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