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1999 Hummer H1

Low miles, Recent Service

Do you need a vehicle that can climb over a 22 inch obstacle, go up a 60% grade, and ford 30 inches of water? Of course not! But it’s nice having a vehicle that can.

Originally developed by A.M. General for the U.S. military, the H1 is the civilian version of the M998 Humvee. Being produced on the same assembly line as the Humvee, the H1 shares some key off road hardware with it’s military twin. It has full time four wheel drive, portal axles, inboard brakes, and a central tire inflation system. One difference between the two trucks is this H1 has the GM 6.5 liter turbo-diesel V8 and a GM 4L80-E 4 speed automatic transmission.

This particular Hummer has about 19,500 miles and runs and drives well. It underwent a major service as of spring 2017. Over $5,000 was invested to replace both batteries, fuel filters, fuel lift pump, fuel pump injection module, oil pressure switch, MAF sensor, among other items. The suspension system may need some minor reconditioning from off road use.

Cosmetically, the exterior has no serious damage or dents, but the paint is scratched in some places. The interior is in fair condition. The radio is missing as well as a few other small trim pieces but it’s mostly good. Gauges work well, there is no check engine light on, and central the tire inflation system works well. This H1 also comes with a giant roof rack that needs installed.

This Hummer was sold new in Connecticut, and then returned to AM General’s factory in South Bend Indiana where it was restored. It was then donated to Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute along with a twin H1. The twin, named “Highlander,” was converted into a self driving vehicle for research as well as a driverless vehicle off-road race. This Hummer, nicknamed “Topographer,” was kept completely stock and used as a chase vehicle. To find more information on this Hummer’s history, search for the PBS NOVA documentary “The Great Robot Race” on YouTube.
This truck is perfect for someone who wants to use it for it’s intended purpose. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great low mileage civilian spec H1 with a very interesting history. This Hummer is for sale on consignment and is not owned by Fort Pitt Classic Cars.

Sorry, this one got away. Check back often for new inventory.

Engine: Turbo-Diesel V8
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