Expert valuations tailored to your needs


W ith decades of experience in the classic car business, we provide our customers with accurate and comprehensive appraisals for any purpose. Taking into consideration the needs of the client, we provide a comprehensive report with the appropriate level of detail.  Some common reasons for estimating the value of a vehicle are:


  • Is the car stock, modified, or damaged?
  • What are the market trends for this vehicle?
  • How rare is this car?
  • What sort of condition is it really in?
  • What percent original is the car?
  • What makes this vehicle unique?
Basic Valuation

“What’s My Car Worth?”: Are you curious to see how the value of your classic car has increased in recent years? Have you put thousands into an engine rebuild or a paint job and want to see how the value of your vehicle has changed? Cars are one of the few investments that you can drive and enjoy. Keep an eye on your “portfolio” by having us evaluate the market trends for you.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

It can be difficult to assess the quality of a car you want to purchase from an internet or paper ad. Have one of our experts look over the vehicle to assess its condition to make sure you know what you are buying.


If you are financing your next classic car, often times your financial institution will request an inspection and appraisal in order to disburse the loan. We can provide you and your lender with the required documentation.


Classic cars are valuable assets and can often become subjects in legal disputes. Our appraisal report can eliminate the uncertainty and serve as an independent opinion of the estate asset.


To get insurance for your classic car, most insurance companies will require you to set an agreed upon price for coverage. We can provide a comprehensive appraisal for you or your insurance company of value on your car.  


When it comes to selling a classic car, you may find it difficult to set an asking price that is fair, but also allows you to get your return on investment. We can provide an expert opinion of the current market value for the vehicle and what repairs or enhancements might bring a greater return.

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