For Sale by Owner

Everyone knows selling a classic car is extremely time consuming

Don't want to go through the hassle of selling your car?


Lets face it, selling your car is painful. Between the inspections, research and marketing, you’ll have many hours tied up in just preparation.  Then there are the calls. Oh, the calls…and the emails!  Each one needs attention if you want to find the one buyer worthy of your classic.

Whether a passive campaign or an active sales project, we have the market knowledge, skilled mechanics and industry connections to get your vehicle marketed to a wide audience as soon as possible.  Then we’ll take the calls and we’ll answer the emails, leaving you time to do what makes you happy.

Simple & efficient.  The Fort Pitt Way.


  • Get an appraisal
  • Perform market research to determine value
  • Pre-Sales Inspection
  • Field all calls (tire kickers included)
  • Respond to all emails.   All of them.
  • Post it to all the relevant sites
  • Evaluate alternative channels (auctions, Ebay, etc.)


1. Inspection

The first step in determining the value of a vehicle is an inspection.  An accurate evaluation of the car’s condition is critical in terms of pricing and developing a sales plan.  We pride ourselves on representing our vehicles accurately as it is ultimately in the best interest of both parties.  We’ll perform a 32 step inspection and review it with the client to determine a sales plan.

2. Appraisal

Using valuation resources (see links below) we research your car’s value. To fully understand the market, we rely on recent auction results, comparable cars, and general market conditions.

3. Market the Vehicle

We detail the car, take photographs, write the ad, and market the car to its target audience. We place the ad on our website (and two others) and show the car to potential buyers in our showroom, or at local cruise nights. You can also choose sell the car through an online auction. Check out our Listings page to see some of the cars currently for sale.

4. Answer Calls & Emails

Field the phone calls and answer the emails. We’ll keep you updated on sales activity.

5. Negotiate the Deal

Communicate with buyer and seller to bring both parties together for a win-win settlement.  Finalize and execute paperwork including final payoffs, title and registration.

6. Arrange Transportation

Arrange carriers, pick-up and delivery times.


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