Wanted: Automotive Engineer/ReBuilder; Classic Car Service Tech; Body Shop Restoration Tech

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Service, Repairs & Upgrades

Oil change, tune-up or upgrades, our seasoned experts can take care of your mechanical needs for you so you can spend your time driving instead of stressing.


Original equipment, period correct, or resto-mod, our artists can transform your vision into the car of your dreams. Whether its an engine swap, panel replacement, or complete body off restoration, we can do it all.


“What’s my car worth?” is a question that gets asked of us frequently.  Fort Pitt Classic Cars has a level of service available for all needs:  Whether one car or a small collection, we can give you the details required for selling, insurance or legal purposes


Interiors, Engine bays, Exteriors.  We do it all.  Using specialty tools like de-ionizers, buffers and steam cleaners, FPCC can make every corner of your car look its best.  A few hours in our detail bay and, poof, like magic your car will sparkle again.


No room at the inn?  Can’t get approval to add a garage (or two)?  We can keep your prized possessions, safe, warm and ready to be driven.  Our secured facilities are equipped with everything your car needs while it waits for you to return.


We have a long history of successful consignment sales where we remove the hassle of marketing and selling your own vehicle.

What's the Story?

Every car has a story. It’s often those stories that underpin the passion owners have for their cars.  Understanding and respecting a car’s history helps us translate that emotion into reality.

Practical Approach

Our dreams often have a budget.  Putting safety first, FPCC will work within your means to achieve the desired goal of an safe, attractive, well running vehicle for you and your family to enjoy.

Complete Service

From suspension & brakes to interior & body work, FPCC has your needs covered.  And our network of partners ensures that whatever your project needs, there are skilled artisans ready to help.

Speed Shop

Whether you’re using your car for track days, drag racing, autocross, endurance rallies, or just want a bit more performance, we can help. Talk to the experts in our speed shop to see how your car can be upgraded to provide the performance you are looking for.

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