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For your consideration is a 1977 Chevrolet Monza Spider Pro-Street car.

The best way to describe this car is the perfect mix of high quality work, lots of time and a lot of money invested.  That is what went into this higher end build.  No short cuts, cheap parts or quick tricks.  Everything is custom and high end.  The car is built to enjoy safely on the street but race if wanted.  I will walk through the condition of the vehicle below.

Exterior – Finished in a PPG Base Coat, Clear Coat, the red paint, flames and air brush work is very detailed.  The paint is show quality with almost no flaws.  The flames and spiders are stunning, very detailed and immaculate.  The body is very straight and door gaps are nice.  The glass is clear and in great shape.  All the moldings, wheels, lights and badges are in great shape.  You would [...]

Details and photos are forthcoming!


1988 Nissan 300 ZX For Sale!

For your consideration is a very nice “survivor” ’88 300-ZX.  A survivor car is one that hasn’t been altered, modified or abused.  This car wearing its original paint, with an original drive-train and interior.  It is exactly that, a true survivor!  The car isn’t perfect but in very good condition.  It will be hard to find an un-restored 300ZX car in this good of condition for the price.  I will go through the condition of the car below.

Exterior:  Wearing its original black paint, the exterior shows no signs of accidents, abuse or repainting.  The paint is in very good condition, its clear that this car has spent its life inside a garage and out of the weather.  There are no sings of issues, cracking or corrosion.  Its one of the nicest original 1988 paint cars we have seen.  The rear wing does have some bubbles in the paint. [...]

For your consideration is a very clean 1968 Mustang GT.  Be sure to check out all of the pictures to see the high level of quality associated with this car.  Also look for the Ford Certified Report showing the car’s build stats.  This GT whittles down to be 1 of 1.  

Below we will go through the condition of the car.  The current husband & wife who own the car have owned this car for over 20 years.  Its a part of their family.  Everything that has been done to the car has been of the highest quality with a mind set of authenticity and correctness.  This car has been a long term love of theirs! 


Finished in beautiful Sunlit Gold, the paint is in great shape.  The car has been repainted several years ago and still looks excellent!  We like seeing paint that isn’t brand new, it means the work [...]

1977 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

For your consideration is a true survivor ’77 Cadillac Coupe DeVille!  There is a little under 83,000 carefully driven & original miles on the car. This appears to be one of the nicest on the market right now.  Retaining its original paint, upholstery and mechanical drive-line, this Coupe DeVille is in very good and very original condition.  Cruising in this car is a true dream.  Pop in your favorite 8-track cassette and drive off into the sunset.  Below I will cover the condition of the car and its features.


Retaining all of its original paint, it appears that that car has lived an accident free life.  With no signs of rust, corrosion or accidents, or major issues, the paint still looks great for being 43 years old.  The paint is in great condition but there are a few spots where the paint is a little [...]

Gray-Green 1996 Impala SS

For your consideration is a beautiful and well maintained 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS!  This car is rare, in great shape, un-modified – this is your chance!  Always adult owed and driven, this SS truly is a survivor. There are no records or evidence of accidents.  I will go through the condition below.  

Exterior: The beautiful Gray-Green paint shines and retains 75% of its original paint.  The front clip has had some paint work for stone chips, the hood was fully painted and blended into the front fenders professionally.  The glass, trim, grill and emblems are all original and in great shape!  The car comes with a Custom soft car cover!

Interior: All original and in very good shape.  The gray bucket seats, console and all upholstery is clean and tear free. Door panels, dash, carpet, headlight and all gauges are in great shape. The rear seat belts [...]

1967 Mustang Survivor!  

For your consideration is a true survivor ’67 Mustang V-8 Auto.  Its interesting to see how the classic car community has pivoted a bit over the past 10 or so years. Once the most desirable collector car to have was that fully restored perfect car that should live in a protective bubble to maintain its perfection.  Now the people want to actually have an investment and use it too.  Barn finds, garage finds and survivors are really heating up the current market.  This is happening for a few reasons.  One being that they are only original once, the story that comes with the car and the other is usability (this car checks all of those boxes by the way).   What is a survivor?  A survivor is a largely original or unrestored car.  Usually a car with an original drive train, original interior, and over 75% of its original paint.  There’s [...]

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